Frequently Asked Questions


It is a good idea to eat a little fermented food daily. If you are now starting on to a healthy diet including ferments, try a fork or two full of kimchi for the first 2 days or so. But once you are used to the healthy probiotics in your digestive system, enjoy when and how you want. 

We only make unpasturized kimchi and as a living active product it is natural and a positive for the product to be fizzy. Our process includes time and refrigeration priro to packaging to lower or slow down fermentation. But there will often be a container that is more active than others.

Think of a young cheese versus an older more mature cheese. Depending on how you prefer your Red kimchis, it can be left out at room temperature for a day while still well closed. This prompts futher fermentation. We urge you to keep your kimchi in the refrigerator as we have already determined its fermentation level prior to packing. Over fermented kimchi will / can become a bit too sour.


It is a good idea to introduce yourself to water kefir with a small amount or single small bottle. Although the process is like making kombucha, water kefir is less acidic. Water kefir is not as ‘sour’ or strong tasting as kombucha so may be an easier probiotic drink to enjoy for some. All ferments eventually produce a level of alcohol, but with water kefir it is nearly not traced. Parents can decide if any brand of water kefir can be a good healthy replacement to sugar sodas and drinks for kids. Note that legally our products are not classified as containing alcohol, but any fermented drink over time will likely produce alcohol. It is not recommended to drink any alcohol during pregnancy. We do not recommend our water kefir drinks for children and women during pregnancy.

We use only 100% natural mineral water and organic pure unprocessed cane sugar for the initial (1st) ferment. In the next stage, the 2nd ferment, we add real fruits or vegetables and herbs. We do not add sugar, so any sweetness you taste is from the natural taste of water kefir and the real fruit we add for the different flavors.